Subject TIB_LookupCombo in a Grid
Hi All,
Attempting to use TIB_LookupCombo in a grid fot the first time.
Following instructions in StarterGuide for IBO4.

I have defined the following in a TIB_Query 'sqlbook'
sqlbook.KeyLinks :='chart.account=bankDetails.chart'
sqlbook.Keysource :='dsBook' :='dsbook'
dsbook.dataset :='sqlbook'


With the Lookupcombo component placed on the Form it displays the
correct information and enters the selected data correctly into the
dataset and displays this in the Grid. I assume therefore that I have
correctly set all links.

With the LookupCombo component I then Cut (Ctrl X)
Select the grid and Paste (Ctlr V) then run.

When selecting the appropriate column in the grid the LookupCombo
does not show.
In design mode the visible property of the LookupCombo changes to

Am I missing a setting ?

Regards to all.
Mike Hickman