Subject Re: [IBO] OBO4 and date display
Author Geoff Worboys
> As anyone experience problem with date display. On
> Win2k if I set the format to yyyy-MM-dd I end-up
> with the date displayed as "01-08- 30" in every
> control. some other legal format seem to have the
> same problem. dd/MM/yyyy works fine though.

I thought I remembered seeing this before - you asked this back at the
end of June (on IBO4 beta A2). Jason said he thought he knew what the
problem was but then the problem appears to have been overlooked

Can you confirm the version you are using?

Also: Does the display problem occur only when a control has focus or
only when they do not have focus or what? Or to put it another way,
does the problem appear any different when the control lose or gain

The reason for asking is that, when no other editmask/display format
is defined, IBO uses an editmask when the control is focused (and I
suspect that edit mask may be constructed in appropriately for your
date format). However when the control does not have focus the date
should be formatted according to the system ShortDateFormat - and as
such I would expect the controls to appear correct when not focused.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing