Subject Re: [IBO] OBO4 and date display
Author Marc Leclerc

I have just updated to the latest 4_2_Ed prior to retesting this issue. I
have grids, IB_Date and IB_Text in this application that are used to
edit/show dates and all display the wrong way wether focuses or not, the
edit mask seems to always be 00/00/0000 regardles of any windows settings.

There is also an issue of refreshing the grids I found while playing with
this. While the app was running I was changing the date format in the
control pannel but the grid would not reflect the changes until I click on
each row one at a time...


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Subject: Re: [IBO] OBO4 and date display

> > As anyone experience problem with date display. On
> > Win2k if I set the format to yyyy-MM-dd I end-up
> > with the date displayed as "01-08- 30" in every
> > control. some other legal format seem to have the
> > same problem. dd/MM/yyyy works fine though.
> I thought I remembered seeing this before - you asked this back at the
> end of June (on IBO4 beta A2). Jason said he thought he knew what the
> problem was but then the problem appears to have been overlooked
> since.
> Can you confirm the version you are using?
> Also: Does the display problem occur only when a control has focus or
> only when they do not have focus or what? Or to put it another way,
> does the problem appear any different when the control lose or gain
> focus?
> The reason for asking is that, when no other editmask/display format
> is defined, IBO uses an editmask when the control is focused (and I
> suspect that edit mask may be constructed in appropriately for your
> date format). However when the control does not have focus the date
> should be formatted according to the system ShortDateFormat - and as
> such I would expect the controls to appear correct when not focused.
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