Subject Re: [IBO] IB6 - Create/Manage db???
Author Marco Lauria
At 21.30 12/07/2001 -0300, you wrote:
>Hello every one :c)
>What are/is the best tool to work with IB6 (free)??? Im use to
>working with Access and MS Sql...
>I know there is EMS QuickDesk and InterBase Workbench
>that are half deacent but cost quite some bones.
>But is there any thing else???

I use quickdesk. I used 1.7 version and now I use 2.0
I used also Marathon
and Interbase Workbench.

I prefer quickdesk for some graphical and useful addins (such as
transaction control
over every window for example).
While IBWorkbench and Marathon are based upon IBO,
QD is based upon FIBPlus the competitor addon library for IB.

Of all these the only one open sourced is Marathon,
the other cost a bit, but I think that these dollars aren't a cost but an
for the maintanance of yours and your customers databases.

Marco Lauria
STARMAX s.a.s.