Subject Re: [IBO] IB6 - Create/Manage db???
Author Steve Fields
"Free and Open Source"

Steve Fields

Marco Lauria wrote:
> At 21.30 12/07/2001 -0300, you wrote:
> >Hello every one :c)
> >
> >What are/is the best tool to work with IB6 (free)??? Im use to
> >working with Access and MS Sql...
> >
> >I know there is EMS QuickDesk and InterBase Workbench
> >that are half deacent but cost quite some bones.
> >
> >But is there any thing else???
> I use quickdesk. I used 1.7 version and now I use 2.0
> I used also Marathon
> and Interbase Workbench.
> I prefer quickdesk for some graphical and useful addins (such as
> transaction control
> over every window for example).
> While IBWorkbench and Marathon are based upon IBO,
> QD is based upon FIBPlus the competitor addon library for IB.
> Of all these the only one open sourced is Marathon,
> the other cost a bit, but I think that these dollars aren't a cost but an
> investment
> for the maintanance of yours and your customers databases.
> Regards
> Marco Lauria
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