Subject Re: IB6 - Create/Manage db???
Hi there,

try a look at IBO_WiseSQL (Jason whartons' client interface)

visit his web site and D/L a copy (i believe it's under trustware).

also try Marathon (not sure on it's status now but folks here will be
more up to speed with it than I am).

if you find others that are freware/trustware gimme a bell too.

'cause i'm newish (young family) and not able to spend too much time
on s/w programming now a days (grrr).


--- In IBObjects@y..., "Christian" <charetc@n...> wrote:
> Hello every one :c)
> What are/is the best tool to work with IB6 (free)??? Im use to
> working with Access and MS Sql...
> I know there is EMS QuickDesk and InterBase Workbench
> that are half deacent but cost quite some bones.
> But is there any thing else???
> Thanks
> Christian