Subject gds32 Error
Author Lester Caine
Nearly there on latest release, and I've hit a major hickup.

The program runs reliably for a period, and then gives a
gds32 error, in an area that has been fine up until now.

Simple TIB_DSQL reading two integers from a table with a
parameter which is the primary key entry for the record.

The problem may be that it is accessed in a timer, which
refreshes information and checks for 'wait times' which
exceed the limits ( the values being read ). It's difficult
to trace because it happens 100 or so times before it fails.

Since I am presuming that the timer is running in it's own
thread, does this need it's own session, and if so How?
Since there is already a session component in the data
module, and the timer is located there as well.

Something has changed in the last couple of weeks causing
the problem as this area is running fine already on site on
older versions of IBO and Interbase6.

I'm on 3.6Di (with my own colours!) and Firebird 0.9.4 ( I
have years of 5.6 data to access as well )

Any ideas, it was supposed to go onto site today!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services