Subject OAT
I have an app with IBO3.6Cf + IB6.0(Classic)+RedHat7.0. It seem IB
would slowdown after a couple of days but sometim just a few hours. The
performance will come back after backup/restore or sweep with no user
online. Sweep with some users online doesn't help.
I guess it's the OAT problem. But I think IBO have put many measures to
prevent this problem. I set TimeoutProps to default, have no Pessimistic
locking, use AutoCommit = True in Transaction with readCommited. I only
use IBOQuery and make sure every StartTransaction ended with Commit
(or rollback if necessary).
Is there still anything I should do or setting in IBO to prevent this OAT
By the way, how can I use OATPending method in IB_Transaction? I
cannot find any description on this method.

Jim Sirikolkarn