Subject [VirtualTreeview] Re: [IBO] Virtual Tree, IBO4 and Delphi6
Dream Company InfoTree (dcit) does it work?

>Then, based on Lester's mention, I tried Dream InfoTree. This
>component actually works. It separates the data from the tree which
>makes it easier to to use IBO components

I have never been able to make dcit work accept for Paradox and DBase.

I have tried IBO (TDataset), IBExpress and standard TTable, TQuery
whith dcit. Also Client DataSet. None has worked with dcit.
If you have made it work with at least *3* levels I would like to try
out your properties.
Try to drill down to lowest level of the nodes and then traverse the
tree up and down with the up/down keys. I always get an exception
saying that it can't find the record / record does not exist.
The tree gets out of sync.

> It does something interesting with loading where it loads only the
>1st root, then when the treeview is displayed and you click on a
>node, then it loads the next layer.

If you accept that a child node, of the expanding node, is created
for *each* record when a node is expanded, then it is not very hard
to make a treeview component which is not data aware.

I thougth the Virtual Tree project would make each level under each
node behave as a separate TDBGrid when records are fetched.
Much harder...
Have I misunderstood the virtual tree project ?