Subject Re: [VirtualTreeview] Re: [IBO] Virtual Tree, IBO4 and Delphi6
Author Chuck Belanger

Its all local IB. With the current TTreeView it takes 20seconds to load. With
the more selective Dream InfoTree which loads only the first level, still takes
12 seconds. As I mentioned with the property set to load all levels--it comes to
a screetching halt. I suspect that the Dream InfoTree and the VirtualTree
algorithm for loading must be similar. The only thing that saves the InfoTree is
its ability to set it to load just the first level. This is fine for the
"library" editor which I'm creating but for the main product it won't work,
because it takes about 6 seconds to load each sub-level when clicked. Users
won't live with that. My next job is to optimize the very bare bones SELECT *
FROM TABLE ORDER BY statement and hope for the best.

I think we're (the company, I'm actually a proactive user) in trouble for the
main program unless, as you say we can reduce the dataset, thus the user filter
settings for what items to actually have in the treeview.

Thanks for the back and forth. Looking for the upgrade.