Subject Re: [VirtualTreeview] Re: [IBO] Virtual Tree, IBO4 and Delphi6
Author Paul Gallagher
Well, that was fun! I'm sure there will be some bugs to work out, but at least IB_VTree compiles and runs.

I'm sure Borland must have had a real good reason for what they did, but it sure has caused a lot of grief for a lot of component writers. After I do some testing, and after a couple bottles of beer.(Or is that bier?) I'll get the revisions up on the Yahoo site.

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From: Mike Lischke
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Subject: RE: [VirtualTreeview] Re: [IBO] Virtual Tree, IBO4 and Delphi6

Hi Paul,

> There is something with this new DesignIntf vs DsgnIntf thing, that I do no
> understand. Apparently, I am going to have to split my component into two
> seperate pieces, a design and a runtime package. I'm really not at all sure
> how to do this, so if anyone can shed some light, I'd appreciate it.

This is actually not that difficult. Make a package without design time stuff (as with VT I left out
the dcr and the registration file). Mark this a being run time only. Build then a bpl with it and
create a new package which only gets the dcr and the registration unit (with IDE experts or
whatever). Mark this as design time package, include the new bpl just build in the requires clause
and install it. You have to make sure the path where the bpl is is also in the search path of the
system (as with most other DLLs).

Ciao, Mike

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