Subject Re: [VirtualTreeview] Re: [IBO] Virtual Tree, IBO4 and Delphi6
Author Paul Gallagher
IB_VTree does not use any sophisticated loading tecnique, its basically like
a brute force sorting algortithm. I planned on doing something with it
eventually. To be honest with you, I'm not sure why you would want to load
35k records into a tree anyway. It becomes more or less unuseable for the
user to use anyway. You should consider a more selective query. I will keep
working on it though.


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Subject: Re: [VirtualTreeview] Re: [IBO] Virtual Tree, IBO4 and Delphi6

> Paul:
> Just wanted to chime in here and say I tried IB_VTree with VirtualTree and
had to make only minor changes for it to display properly, BUT for larger
datasets (35,000 nodes) everything came to a complete halt as it was
> I moved on to ElTree, but gave up on it because of the poor documentation
and slow support. Then, based on Lester's mention, I tried Dream InfoTree.
This component actually works. It separates the data from the tree which
makes it easier to to use IBO components
> (need TDataSet).
> It does something interesting with loading where it loads only the 1st
root, then when the treeview is displayed and you click on a node, then it
loads the next layer. You can turn off this feature, but then I end up with
the same problem I had with Virtual Tree,
> i.e. with larger datasets, the view never finishes loading.
> I mention this to hopefully help with any work you'll be doing on
IB_VTree. I really liked VirtualTreeView and would prefer to go back to it,
but I'm just not ready to tackle the issues that I ran into with IB_VTree
(I'm still very new with Delphi5 programming.).
> Please continue with your upgrade!
> Thanks,
> Chuck Belanger, L.Ac.
> (Licensed Acupuncturist)
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