Subject [OT] Login User and change password on application
Author Bayu
Hi all,

I am a newbie on Interbase/IBO and currently we just develop a small app
with this.

My problem is about login user.

What we want is, if user login in some client , so this user cann't log in
in another client ( 1 connection for 1 time). How can't i determine if this
user is still login ?

The second case, i will give user to change his/her password from my app. I
still confuse what a encrypt method for password in isc4.gdb files. ( I hear
from another list that we can change this security file with another)

From this problem, we need to limited login every user to database, and we
give them to change his/her password on my app.

Maybe this is a dump question, but this is the first step for me to make my
first app.

What is the better approach or some refference to solve this problem ?

Any suggestion very appreciated.

Thanks for your time