Subject IBO4 Installation Problems
Author Ben Tolputt
I'm using C++ Builder 5 (Pro), and am trying in vain to install it according
to instructions. I can build all the packages fine (through the IBO_C5
Project Group). I then proceed to install the .BPL files as instructed. I
can install "IBO40DDT_C5.BPL" (Interbase Objects Core Designtime) fine but
when I try to install "IBO40XDT_C5.BPL" (---) I get an Access Violation in
"VCL50.BPL" - the exact message being ["Access violation at address 40004135
in module 'Vcl50.bpl'. Read of address 405B2EA4."

Is anybody else getting this? If not, can anyone help me find out what's
wrong. NOTE: This is crashing on a clean install.

Analyst Programmer