Subject Re: [IBO] scrolling through a resultset
Author Geoff Worboys
> from time to time therer'e some questions about the speed
> using a slow server-connection. I heard that Jason is working
> on a important improvement of the IBObjects which allows you
> to scroll through a resultset of a query.That means that i
> can tranfers let's say 10 records of the results, moving
> down the next and so on. And that should work also in both
> direction (Oracle can do this only in one direction). Is
> that really true ? And if so, when can we get this new
> functionality !?

It is true, and it works well. It will be available in IBO4 which is
currently available in Beta. Post a private message to Jason to ask
for access to the Beta.

As a side note. I dont usually try to run applications over a slow
connection, instead I encourage the clients to implement Terminal
Server (which is reasonably cost effective for about 6 or more users).
This lets me build an application without compromises made just for
performance reasons. That said; it is still nice to have the
performance boosts, even over LAN speeds.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing