Subject UpdateSQL :: was Re: [IBO] Digest Number 450
Author Helen Borrie

Sorry for initially sending you someone else's reply!

At 03:27 AM 03-07-01 +0200, you wrote:
>IBO 3.6D and Delphi 5
>If I double click an IB_Query, go to the UpdateSQL tab and click on
>'Generate for procedure' I get an error. I'm sorry but I'm not at home
>now, so I can't be more precise.
>I noticed that if I delete the IB_Query SQL property I don't get the
>error, but of course neither the UpdateSQL statement.
>'Generate for table' works fine.

What is the SQL statement for IB_the query?

What was the error you got when you clicked the button?

The purpose of the "Generate for Procedure' button is to display an editor, from which you can select a stored procedure to use for the Insert or Edit or Delete action, and match up one or more columns from the dataset which are to be used as inputs to that SP. It will generate an ExecSQL statement for you, which you will be able edit, if you need to, in the appropriate pane of the UpdateSQL tab.


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