Subject Re: [IBO] Digest Number 450
Author Marco Lauria
At 12.09 03/07/2001 +1000, you wrote:
>This list is for IB Objects, not InterBaseXpress.
>Take this to the interbasexpress newsgroup on the borland news server or,
>better still, if you value your sanity, go to, download
>IBO and cut your baby teeth on the TDataset-compatible data access components.
>At 03:27 AM 03-07-01 +0200, you wrote:
> >IBO 3.6D and Delphi 5
> >If I double click an IB_Query, go to the UpdateSQL tab and click on
> >'Generate for procedure' I get an error. I'm sorry but I'm not at home
> >now, so I can't be more precise.
> >I noticed that if I delete the IB_Query SQL property I don't get the
> >error, but of course neither the UpdateSQL statement.
> >'Generate for table' works fine.

he is speaking about IBO!
Generate For Table
Generate For Procedure
are buttons of TIB_Query....