Subject IBDataset - Prepared
Author Rohit Gupta
We have been battling this off an on for months - it being seemingly
random. The problem manifests as stubborn behaviour on the part
of the IBO where it either gives phantom records or wont write the
data you give it.

We finally realised today that it appeared random only because
30second delay fixes it....

Solution - Please put in a "Prepared := false" in onclose or
afterclose of the table.... otherwise it uses an obsolete statement
when it is reopened. This happens when you change the
transaction it is using for instance.

In our case it was using a handle from a tranaction that was no
longer in use... as the statement was not reprepared after a new
transaction was assigned to the table. So it was saving the data
with the old transaction and then committing it with the new one.
30 second later it would be ok. :-) Yeah I know OATs


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