Subject Re: [IBO] Where to find a RichEdit example?
Author Helen Borrie
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>From: Chuck Belanger <phytotech@...>
> > > TRichEdit works fine with a blob field from an IBOQuery if you stream it
>in yourself; but it's not a data-aware control. You need to use
>TDBRichEdit and a TDataSource that is connected to your query, with the data
>field properly linked up.
> > >
> >
> > What does "stream it in" mean? What kind of methods, etc would I used for
>this? What would I look up to find out more about this topic?

Look it up in the Delphi Help. Track back to the Lines property, which is a TStrings. See TStringsl.LoadFromFile, LoadFromStream, SaveToFile, SaveToStream.

> >
> > I tried this and although I can get TDBRichEdit to recognize the
>datasource and I do everything that I did with the other components that
>work, nothing happens with TDBRichEdit. No display in the window of the
>running form with the component.

You don't see the control at all?

> >
> > At least with IBO Rich Edit, it displays something, although I can't
>access anything in the window to edit it.

But didn't you say you were using IBOQueries? They won't work with the IB_* controls...


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