Subject Re: [IBO] Where to find a RichEdit example?
Author Chuck Belanger

Thank you for the response.

First, I found a solution to getting a decent RTF editor as a component:
I found tucked away the file, which has a component that allows the InfoPower RTF editors to recognize the datasets properly--THANKS JASON. It
works great.

I'm using their one that has a Word-like spelling and grammer checker, plus all the other goodies. Thus I don't have to put something like that together. I'm
afraid I'm still at the monkey-see, monkey-do stage of Delphi programming (Day 11 of Learn Delphi in 21 days <S>).

> Look it up in the Delphi Help. Track back to the Lines property, which is a TStrings. See TStringsl.LoadFromFile, LoadFromStream, SaveToFile, SaveToStream.

Thanks for the help leads. I will be looking these up. Recently, I got the Delphi 3 help which is much better for the beginner for learning and ease to find

>>You don't see the control at all?

I could see the control, but nothing was displayed, unlike the other times.

> But didn't you say you were using IBOQueries? They won't work with the IB_* controls...

Sorry, about that. I was bouncing around using IB_Q and IBOQ.. This control didn't work either way.

In any case, it all works fine now using Jason's additions.

Thanks again,