Subject Re: [IBO] IBO4 and ParamByName
Author Lester Caine
> I would like to make it not require the quotes. I'll consider this a bug.

> > Compiled program fine, but when it is run I get 'Field FROM
> > not found'. I have tracked it to ParamByName now requiring
> > that the Param name is surrounded by "'s - "FROM" in order
> > that it will recognise it. Is this to be expected and so do
> > I have to re-name all my Parameters in all programs? I still
> > stick to UPPER_CASE simple field names and see no reason to
> > change from that - they are then easy to spot.

It is only reserved words that are causing this problem. FROM, TO and DATE in
my case. I've changed them to FROMD, TOD and ADATE and I get onto the next
layer of problems.

This is nearly all working in 3.6Dg, apart from the ordering problem.

Second problem, grids on the tab I select as the starting view do not appear.
If I
select a different tab, then the previous one is fine when you switch to it.
I have caller view, appointment view, staff view and setup view. All fail if
they are on top, but are fine when you select them from an alternative start
- most of the time - on occasions these disapear as well, but the navigate is
still operational.

Third problem, ordering. This does not work correctly on 3.6Dg but was 'OK'
on 3.6Cf.
When selecting a column, in 3.6 the list starts from the selected record and
you can't scroll up from there. In 4, text columns go to a blank grid. The
OLNK_* is set to '= <NULL>', not a valid selection as all my string data has
a default of blank string so that concatonate works. This is not consistant,
as a couple of columns work OK, even allowing scrolling up, and the attached
incremental search is fine. The ones that fail sometimes give Dynamic SQL
error -804, and the monitor is showing an additional PARAM with the OLNK_*
entry, using the primary key as well.

The only thing that I should say is that I am still using Dialect 1, which is
important in this case as we have three years worth of data to bring from
IB5.6 once we have a stable next version.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services