Subject RE: [IBO] Plugins
Author John Tomaselli
I'm not quite sure why creating run-time packages (which I thought was
mainly for distribution options) will fix the problem. Also I forgot to
mention that our testing worked fine with a BDE example. The Following IBO
code is what gets tripped eventhough I test the Dataset as TIB_Dataset
before I set it. For some reason the typecast occurs here.

function TIB_DataSource.GetDataset: TIB_Dataset;
Result := FStatement as TIB_Dataset;


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From: Jason Wharton [mailto:jwharton@...]
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 3:36 PM
Subject: Re: [IBO] Plugins

I think the only way this will work is if you are using run-time packages.
Then, each module is getting and using objects created in the same context.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Plugins

> Hi Jason,
> We are in the middle of creating a Demo App for smartPlugin from Athrasoft
> ). When Finished we will put then demo project
> both web sites for this very impressive product and hopefully save lots of
> time for the next IBOite who would like to use it.
> Mostly things have gone very well;
> Able to share database connections from Host with the Plugins.
> Able to pass along tib_query and Datasources from Host to Plugin (needed
> Legacy applications)
> The problem occurs when I try to use these objects as a datasource.
> i.e.
> Params is a variable list passed from Host to Plugin in the following
> with Manager.LoadPlugin (True, PinName + '.spi',
> dm1.ib_query1,dm1.ib_datasource15], @Pin) do
> The plugin picks them off in the following manner.
> TObject(Fdataset) := Var2Obj(Params[0]); { Fdataset: TIB_BDataset; }
> TObject(dsHostPass) := Var2Obj(Params[1]); {dsHostPass: TIB_DataSource;}
> The following code works fine when programattically using the dataset.
> Fdataset.bufferfirst;
> frmMDI_1.edit3.text :=
> // works!
> I would like to assign a datasource with the passed along object so I
> have a grid display the results. The following code gives an invalid
> typecast error. I have tried serveral different methods all with the same
> results.
> IB_DataSource2.dataset:= Fdataset; // blows up
> Is this possible?
> John
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