Subject Problems to Refresh records
Author Walter Araújo Franco

I've some "strange" problem here, i'm using D5, IBO 3.6dg and IB 6 on a Linux 6.0 from Conectiva, i hava a table with a PK and a Varchar(200), so i decided to change the varchar to a blob / text, and created a second table like that.
With a routine on D5 i read the first table and moved data to the second, but the records didn't appear all in a grid, so i tried on linux with isql and got the same, but, if a send a commit on the isql the table show two more records, a commit more and two more records appear...
what or whre are the problems???


Walter A. Franco
SysMaker Sistemas
Poços de Caldas - MG
UIN 11.606.129

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