Subject Re: [IBO] How was DCON?
Author Jason Wharton

Compared to what you were able to learn at the IBO workshop it paled in
comparison. (Where IBO is concerned.)

DCON went very well and I had an excellent time. I'm tempted to send a bill
to InterBase for my exhibition booth because I answered 99% InterBase
related questions.

It was nice to meet the fellow speakers and delegates. In particular, Paul
Hope, Marco Lauria and Tim Benest were there which made it extra special.

I believe I delivered two rather good sessions as far as content was
concerned. I still lay no claim to be a polished presenter. In fact, on a
humorous note, I accidentally shut the lid to my IBM Think Pad during my
last presentation and it suspended immediately. Unfortunately, that notebook
has to be cold booted after it suspends...

London was very nice and the speakers had a very nice dinner at a local
restaurant on the last night. It was fun hearing about inside stuff that has
gone on in Borland over the years. It makes you appreciate those geniuses
who put it together all the more.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> Jason - Nice to see you back
> How did you get on at DCON?
> I decided not to go - could not justify the money.
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