Subject Re: [IBO] LookupCombo in IBO4
Author Geoff Worboys
> When I drop CustomCombo onto Form then everything works, i.e. when
> I select some row, then in the Grid the value changes, but on
> Grid the Combo stays invisible.

Sounds like the field is not being matched for some reason. I think
your LookupCombo needs is DisplayField property assigned to NIMI.

Note: AFAICT the DisplayField was required in IBO3 (when using on a
grid). If this was not the case then please let me know, since this
is related to some changes I sent to Jason :-)

> Also when changing master record in middle of detail editing -
> record changes, but detail record remains in the editing mode.

I've noticed something similar here (not related to lookupcombo). Not
had a chance to find out why it is happening, nor to log it with
Jason - presumably he will see this when he returns.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing