Subject Re: [IBO] AutoLabel in IBO4
Author Geoff Worboys
> How can I define most easily shortcut letters (i.e. "&Name:") in
> AutoLabels? I defined the labels in Querys DisplayLabels, but
> then the Grid columns also showed '&'.
> I thought that defining GridLabel without '&' helps, but no.
> My proposition is to change Grid Labels this way that they
> ignore '&' symbols. If someone wants to have it, then he would
> enter it like '&&'.

FieldsGridLabel works for me - unless the FieldsDisplayLabel is too
long to display in the AutoLabel (in which case the GridLabel is

I have thought about the '&' problem before but I think that it is
possibly more complicated than simply ignoring in IB_Grid, since
displaylabels may be used in other circumstances. Perhaps it would be
possible to setup the DisplayLabel/GridLabel properties so that you
can input '&' characters but these will be filtered from normal
access, and we introduce a separate property that retrieves the value
unfiltered (for use in AutoLabel). Not sure if I think it is worth
it - when you could just use a normal label.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing