Subject Entering a new record.
Author Dave Bullar
Hi ! Sorry to be so basic but I need help !
I have a relation called 'bookings' into which I want to insert a brand new record, using a form full of ib_controls, tib_edits, date_time picker, ib_lookupcombo etc.

I have a Tib_connection, a Tib_transaction, and Tib_Query and a tib_datasource. (all on a datamodule).

I make the connection, start the transaction, open the query ..
But what should the query sql be ? 'Select * from bookings' with no where clause ?
This seems to work fine but at present I have an empty table and a single development computer.
Will 'select * from bookings' bring the whole blooming table down the network when I move to a network ?
Or should I use 'Insert into Bookings' and if so will the tib_Controls operate properly.
[Obviously I want to use the same form for recall and edit of data if possible]
Should I rather use a tib_cursor or dsql or stored procedure ??

Question 2.
The Bookings record is rather 'wide'. It is partly concerned with dates and times and places, and partly with money, credit card numbers etc. I want to use two forms, a seperate form for each aspect.
So can I
Make connection, Start transaction, Show the dates etc form and fill in the potential record from that then
hide the dates form and show the money form and fill in the rest of the record from that, then close the transaction? Or will hiding the form lose the buffered data ?
(note that there is much for the client to do between the dates and the cash and there may be a gap of about 20 minutes between one and the other).
Or would it be better to close the first form and comit the transaction then show the second form, selecting the part-completed record by a 'where bookingnumber = xxxx' clause. (Then if the client found the cash aspect too daunting, I should have to positively delete the already part completed record becuse it was already committed)
Or would it be better to split the wide 'booking' record into two parts linked by keys, each filled from its own form. The touble with that being the extra complication and two extra integers to make the key-link.

Sorry to pick your brains like this. Is there somewhere where I could really find out about it all (other than the Help and Examples with ibobjects)

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