Subject Is it a good way ?
Author Daniel HP
Hi list,
I had rather confused with used IB_Sesssion. Actually with my program.
Several days ago I was confident enough with my Application. It a billing
server which build with IB_Objects. This Application never have a crush
and never hang while running in my office. But yesterday after its
installed in another place ( our client ), the server became often have a
crush and the server become hang.
In that place (our client's place) the workstations which connect to the
server in the range 20-25 terminal. In our office just 4 terminal.
I thought that may be a concurency problem. So I try to use IB_SESSION
to update my Application. Actually until now i don't know exactly what
the problems are.
In this list, I have attach the example file which showing my way to
communicate with Interbase.
Is my way a good way to connect with interbase for a billing server

Can somebody give me some example program which used one IB_SESSION,
some IB_DSQLs, some IB_QUERYs, one IB_Connection, and one
IB_Transaction ( If this structure is good, if not please give me
another structure and the example program )


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