Subject Re: [IBO] "New" IB components in Delphi 6.O vs IBO?
Author Jason Wharton
The question boils down to which one affords the most flexibility in how you
can design your application and the work it takes to do it right.

Being that their architectures are different there are almost totally
different situations each one is ideal for. If you know both sets of tools
and you know what your application needs are it should be a no-brainer to
decide which is most appropriate for the task.

In short, will a client/server app do or do you need to move into n-tier?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] "New" IB components in Delphi 6.O vs IBO?

> They don't compare in architecture but they propably can compare in speed
> if you design your app right.
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> >SQL based servers. But, it will never compare to IBX and even less to
> >IBO. I never had the occasion to really test them that much to give a