Subject Re: [IBO] "New" IB components in Delphi 6.O vs IBO?
Author Nando Dessena

> The point of all this is that this person is the senior programmer on a
> project that I'm on and prefers not to use third party tools when
> possible. I'm using IBO to develop various utilities and would like to
> get him and the company to switch to IBO. This will be harder if the
> tool difference is minimal.

assuming we are talking about dbExpress here, there are so few things in
it that it should be much robust and possibly bug free.

the rule of thumb is, if you need to abstract from the db server you are
using, dbExpress can be ideal. If, otherwise, you know your app is never
going to know any server other than InterBase, stick with IBO.
WRT IBX, it *is* actually a third party product.