Subject Checkbox and datetimepicker question
Author Francois Leemans
I use a IB_DateTimePicker component, but if the field I use contains null,
the component acts as it was readonly.
I can change the date but if I leave the datetimepicker, the date changes
If I put a date in the field (with IB_expert) the dateTimePicker act normal.
What am I missing ?

I can not find how I can make a field in a database boolean (is this a
unknown field type in interbase ?)
So I made a integer field with the values 0 and 1
I want to use the IB_Checkbox with this field since I want my users to be
able to check this field instead of entering a 0 or 1
With the regular Delphi component I have the properties (valuechecked and
In the IB_Checkpox I mis those properties.
How do I tell the IB_Checkbox that 0 is unchecked and 1 is checked ?


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