Subject Re: [IBO] PrepareSQL and AfterPrepare
Author Jason Wharton
If these events don't fire I guarantee your dataset will return empty.
Even if the dataset is empty these events should still fire at some point.
In your situation you are dealing with pooled instances so unless you are
unpreparing them or at least calling InvalidateSQL at the first of each
"hit" these events will not be triggered each time a provider makes a
request from a dataset.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] PrepareSQL and AfterPrepare

> using IBO_Query in MIDAS app server app.
> Am I right in saying that PrepareSQL and AfterPrepare events do not
> get 'fired' if the query returns an empty dataset?
> If so, what event does get fire every time after a query has
> executed, wether it returns an empty set or not. I have some vars
> that MUST be cleared after each time the query is openned.
> Thanks
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