Subject Re: [IBO] LockSQL & Master-Detail
Author Manel Sánchez-Maulini

Many thanks for your help.
I've been reading and testing several aspects of locking and
master-detail with IBO in the last weeks. I used to work with
interbase and the BDE and other library called FreeIB. In both cases I
put the master table in edit mode when I accessed the lines. I am
learning IBO and other techniques to find better ways to do this.

Following your words:
> If the Keylinks, Mastersource and Masterlinks are properly set up,
>just having the master set in edit mode will isolate your sets. Did
>you work with InterBase and the BDE or was it a desktop database you

I need to check that again, probably this three properties are not
correctly set-up and that's why I'm getting puzzling results.

> >I have tried also to work with KeyLinks but I could not afford to
> >a "correct" syntax in that field. Each time I put a different table
> >the query editor gives an error, something like "unproper field".
> I don't understand this statement at all. The Keylinks for the
>master set should be the primary key of the master table. The
>Keylinks for the details set should be the primary key of the details

I thought I should put some reference in keylinks in order the lines
locked the corresponding master. After reading your e-mail I
understand that everything should work automatically if all the
master-detail properties are correctly assigned. I'm going to check

Let me analyse what you have told me and probably I should find the

Thanks again,
nice regards, _______________________________________________________
Manel Sanchez Maulini