Subject Re: [IBO] Refreshing other records after the post
Author Nando Dessena

> > I have a situation much like the Printers forlder on Windows: when you
> > set one as default, the default flag is cleared on all the others; My
> > "default flag" is a boolean field that is taken care of in a trigger.
> > When I post a record with the flag set, I would like to refresh the
> > value of the flag in all the other records in the dataset (more
> > precisely, only one record would have changed, the previous one that had
> > the flag set, if any).
> Have a procedure that looks for the row that currently is the default,
> clears the flag and returns the PK of such record, so you can refresh that
> record in IBO. If no record exists, return an impossible PK for your case (a
> negative value, for example). After that, you set the new default. I still
> think that's easier to have a separate table holding the PK of the default.

I'll think about both your suggestions, many thanks.