Author Manel Sánchez-Maulini
I'm completely lost with tthe locking behavior on a master-detail
relationship. I have tried to work with LockSQL but I get
always the message "Record locked by another user" even with an unique
user. If I leave the lockSQL properly blank, locking works for the
current detail register with the message "Deadlock" but it does not
work if you try to update other line, no locking is performed on the
master table.

I have tried also to work with KeyLinks but I could not afford to put
a "correct" syntax in that field. Each time I put a different table
the query editor gives an error, something like "unproper field".

I used to work with BDE and I locked the master table with a
"Master.Edit" when the user was working with the lines. Should be done
the same way here ? Is there any better way?

At the end I get pessimistic locking working for detail or master but
no both. Is this the correct way of proceeding?

I have the starting guide of IBObjects and there is neither a specific
policy nor some guideline to be followed. If somebody can advise me
about any documentation I will be very pleased.

Manel Sanchez Maulini