Subject Re: [IBO] How To InsertSQL, EditSQL & DeleteSQL
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:02 AM 01-06-01 +0000, you wrote:
>So all other updates are ignore, do I have to set applied to true.
>What about the params - do I have to assign them myself?

It's hard to say - you haven't given any information about the architecture of your application. I can't see how you would be doing DML from a treeview...

>Will my plan work as I layed it out in my first post - ignoring the
>execute issue.

Again, not much information about what you have tried or what you want to do. Most of the question is off-topic for IBO and InterBase - about all you can do is try out your ideas and ask questions relating to the third-party controls on the appropriate Delphi or third-party list. The TIBO* components should behave exactly the way their native Delphi counterparts do.

As for the SQL statement, the important thing for navigating and updating an IBO dataset is to get the KeyLinks right. For a joined dataset you'll need to take care that the columns of your KeyLinks will uniquely identify your rows.


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