Author Çağatay TENGİZ
Hello list,

I've written a program for library that holds the records of the books in the library. So I've got a data structure sth like that :

Master Books Table -> about 70.000 records
Master Writers Table -> about 90.000 records
Master Subjects Table -> about 40.000 records
Master Translators Table -> about 5.000 records
and other master data tables,
and also relation tables such as
Books-Subjects Relations -> about 110.000 records
Books-Writers Relations -> about 120.000 records etc...
(you know a book can have more than one writer or a book's content may fall into more than one subject title)

So in my application on the main data entry form I've got lots of queries, lookup combos and queries that fills those combos. When browsing between records it takes a while to get data from database.

I would like to ask is there any programming strategy, hint, approach, idea to make faster my application?

Best regards.

M. Cagatay Tengiz

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