Hope someone can help...

I wish to stress that i am using DELPHI Version 2.

after sometime of getting errors that stopped me from installing
ibojects-3Dg into the VCL I've finally got it done (sigh).

BUT the only way i could do this was to comment out all Arraygrid
references (2 places) in the ib_registration.pas file.

because as soon as i got to compile ib_arraygrid.pas up came an error
line longer than 255 characters.

I have meantioned this problem when i first found out about IB
Objects, and believe that Jason was going to look at fixing this in
the next release (maybe he was talking about fixing it in Ver 4.0).

anyway anyone else out there dealt with this problem ?

how DID you fix it ??

I am only now able to start to look at the samples as last time i
found most where only usable from D3 or D4 onward.