Subject Re: [IBO] How to move info from a CheckListBox into SQL statement?
Author Chuck Belanger
Hi, again:

I found out some things on my own. Thanks, Jason for the source code to

Followed the trail through the Browse and found that there are system tables,
specifically RDB$Relations which list the tables in a database.

So, at least I can check if a table exists before adding it, thus avoid
dealing with error messages. Right now I see that adding a temporary table to
the database, fill it with the CheckBoxList information (selected patients)
and doing a select against that to pull out all the records from the
variously related tables to move to archive or delete should work.

But, I'm still thinking there has got to be an easier way! This seems so
convoluted. Is adding temporary tables to a GDB a normal thing to do? Anybody
with a better way to use CheckBoxList information to use in a Select?

Thanks for any help,

Chuck Belanger