Subject Re: [IBO] getting errors with release
Author Charles Stanley
At 10:13 PM 05/20/01, you wrote:
>when tring to compile i'm getting the following error
>IB_Components.pas (-41434): Unsatisfied forward or external declaration:
>this happens just after i get to the IBA_Columnarray.imp file.
>now i'm using a 486 DX2 66 and got @ 67 megs free on the drive Delphi 2 is
>installed on (ibojects also is on the same drive) and @ 107 megs on the c
>i'm getting a bit irratated by the problems of tring to get a successful
>any help would be great.

I'm not sure, but it may be the case that support for Delphi versions < 3
are no longer supported. I'm sure that this will be confirmed or corrected
quite rapidly when more experienced IBO users read this :)