Subject LookupCombo bug and question plus suggestions
IBO 3.6.Dg

There is a focus (active control) problem when using TIB_LookupCombo
and switching ordering link.
I enter in the lookupcombo, drop down the list ordered by
ArticleCode, I click on the Description title and have the lookup
dataset ordered by description, (scroll down with arrow keys some
row), press enter to confirm that row. Then the focus is not on the
LookupCombo anymore, it is on NO controls, and pressing tab puts me
an arbitrary editing control (the first one, in my case).

I want to have the TIB_LookupCombo always work with the ArticleCode
when it's not drop down, so if you remember that code you can easily
and fast type it, but if I drop down the list I want it to be ordered
by description, for easy find if code is ignored. I've set
DisplayField to ArticleCode.
The problem now is that a) I have to manually click on the
Description title to change order b) once changed, that order remains
so if I type something in the lookupcombo, the incremental search is
done on the current OrderingItem (of course), that is Description.
I've also tried to change some property in the lookup query. like:
Ordering items:
(description first, hoping it indicating the first order to use)
but this does not work.

Lookup combo relevant property are:
DataSource = dmMain.dsLkClienti
TabOrder = 2
ClearSelectionOnExit = True
DisplayField = 'ArticleCode'
GridLinks.Strings = (
IndicateSelected = True
IndicateTitles = True

Any suggestion?
Is a improvement of LookupCombo needed? Am I the only person with
this need?
I would like also the ability of switching ordering item using
keyboard (i.e. F9). What about a centralized component (like
IB_SessionProps) for keystroke centralized definition (for dataset
navigation (i.e. next, edit, post, commit, cancel, enter search
mode...), for changing ordering items in grids and LookupCombo, etc).
What do you think? It should be an easy extension, and very effective
in "fast" data entry (switching from keyboard to mouse and vice versa
is very frustrating and hurting).
Marco Menardi