Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with ordering
Author Andreas Pohl
Morning Sir,

ordering option/glyph at columns top disapears if name of ordering link <>
column name.

Mit freundlichem Gruss & Best Regards

Andreas Pohl
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Subject: [IBO] Problem with ordering

> I have been 'offline' for a few days on a 'paid' holiday
> providing video linkup facilities for a training course.
> While away I have been working on a program module on the
> laptop and have hit a little niggle.
> I have a IB_Grid set up with an incremental search, and six
> sets of orderings. One is an integer field, which I know
> will not work with the search, but the other five are
> VARCHAR. Four of the five work perfectly, but the fifth is
> not available. The option to select the column is missing
> from the top of the column, and if I set the program to
> start at that column, then the incremental search box is
> grayed out.
> I have been right back through and can't see any reason. I
> even rebuilt the query and grid from scratch. Can anybody
> remind me what disables the ordering. In addition to the
> problem with the fifth VARCHAR, the INTEGER column can't be
> selected via the heading, but is fine if the program starts
> ion that column ( search is greyed as I think is expected in
> this case ).
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