Subject Problem with ordering
I have been 'offline' for a few days on a 'paid' holiday
providing video linkup facilities for a training course.
While away I have been working on a program module on the
laptop and have hit a little niggle.

I have a IB_Grid set up with an incremental search, and six
sets of orderings. One is an integer field, which I know
will not work with the search, but the other five are
VARCHAR. Four of the five work perfectly, but the fifth is
not available. The option to select the column is missing
from the top of the column, and if I set the program to
start at that column, then the incremental search box is
grayed out.

I have been right back through and can't see any reason. I
even rebuilt the query and grid from scratch. Can anybody
remind me what disables the ordering. In addition to the
problem with the fifth VARCHAR, the INTEGER column can't be
selected via the heading, but is fine if the program starts
ion that column ( search is greyed as I think is expected in
this case ).

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services