Subject RE: [IBO] joins?SQL?
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Sent: Martes 8 de Mayo de 2001 18:33
> Hi all
> I need some direction? I'm converting a progress database(BDE ODBC) to
> IB60(firebird) and come across a huge table 100 fields.

Generally speaking, more fields means greater record length and greater
record length means IB will have worse performance. In the "documentation"
section of my site, there's an article called "Practical Use of the
RDB$DB_KEY" where Bjørge Sæther touches briefly the issue.
- I don't believe you need to display 100 fields at a time. Put the ones you
always show in one table and the less used in another, so you'll get records
from the less used table only on demand.
- If you have large varchars that you don't show all the time, convert them
to text blobs.
- I never have understood the need to show 300 columns at the time. People
have a natural limit in the coverage of information they handle at a time;
most user will demand every field that *might* be required, will read 5 in
practice but will complain for bad performance due 10 retrieving 200 columns
and 300 thousand rows.

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