Subject Re: [IBO] joins?SQL?
Author Paul Schmidt

On 8 May 2001, at 15:33, Daniel Bertin wrote:

> I need some direction? I'm converting a progress database(BDE ODBC) to
> IB60(firebird) and come across a huge table 100 fields.
> I figure it's better to break it up in 3 tables. Now this may sound
> silly but how do I put it back together with SQL?? create a key to
> link together them and use SQL selects? 3 IBOqueries because all the
> data needs to display on 2-20in monitors at the same time. would I
> gain or lose from doing this? or is 100 fields to much for a table.
> Maybe I'm better to leave it that size ??

I hope 100 fields isn't a problem, I have one that is about to get
converted that is just over 300 fields, although some of those will
get dropped allong the way. I still expect that it will be pushing
past 250!

> How do I evaluate this?
> I'm looking for suggestions I just hope I explained the problem
> corectly

If 100 works, then other then the fact that a record is likely to be
multiple pages, it's not worth spliting it into pieces, and
complicating the application, just to reduce the field count,
especially if you need to be able to handle it as a single unit.

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