Subject Re: [IBO] gds32 Access Violation
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:30 PM 09-05-01 +0200, you wrote:
>Helen wrote:
> >Is it possible that you are trying to commit (or rollback) an unhandled
> >transaction?
> >If you use explicit transaction control (i.e. autocommit is false) you'll
> >need to test for InTransaction before preparing your statement and, if
> >necessary, call StartTransaction. This causes the client to obtain a handle
> >for the transaction.
>Are you sure? I rarely use AutoCommit and would have run into trouble long
>time ago if I had to call StartTransaction explicitly (which I never ever
>do). Mind you, I check TransactionIsActive before Committing, but as far as
>I know IBO itself knows when to start a transaction - even when
>AutoCommit=false. I'd rather guess his trouble comes from starting a
>transaction twice or something like that (which I've never done, since I
>never explicitly start a transaction).
>(oops, I've just disagreed with Helen again :o)

No, we don't disagree. :)

Whether you check TransactionIsActive or go back to InTransaction/StartTransaction is really a matter of timing and *how* you are doing the explicit transaction - e.g. are you using the default transaction or a set of named transactions, if there is a chance that the previous instance of your transaction is uncompleted, etc. Use the one which suits the conditions.

Apologies if I made it sound like one hard-and-fast rule. My point was that under explicit transaction control, there are some things you need to check yourself, that Autocommit otherwise takes care of automatically.


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