Subject Getting started Tutorial 1->5
Hello all,

I have just started playing with IBObjects, and am feeling rather
excited about the thin clients they may enable me to write.

I seem to have a problem getting started.

I'm using Delphi 3 c/s,

When I open Tutorial1.dpr to Tutorial3.dpr in the ide it seems to
take progressively longer to open them. Tutorial1 -> Tutorial4 did
compile and run, but took several mins for the ide to open.
Attempting to Tutorial5 hangs Delphi.

Attempting to run Tutorial2.exe again takes several mins before
anything shows up on the screen, with NT task manager showing
Tutorial2.exe consuming all my processor time. Once showing on
the screen, it works fine.

I'm rather confused as to whether I'm using a stable version of
Interbase, with various downloads being available. Interbase
Guardian reports W1-V6.0.1.0. IBConsole works fine as does
IB_WISQL.exe which compiled without complaint.

I have tried rebooting the machine and deleting Tutorial.gdb and
starting over.

Could anyone say what I'm doing wrong?