Subject Re: [IBO] Trustware vs. OS (was: Re: Open Source Marathon)
Author Nando Dessena

> > I have been able to deliver successful (thousands of installations)
> > IB/BDE applications without noticeable problems, except perhaps a
> > certain performance penalty as the number of clients arises.
> [...]
> > This is just to say that the BDE is not that much of a disgrace when
> > dealing with IB.

you probably don't understand or don't want to understand what I wrote;
I won't play the part of the BDE advocate in this list, especially given
that I am an IBO user (or something like that) too.
If anyone thinks that I was suggesting using the BDE for a new IB
application, please don't. I was just saying that it suited *my* needs,
exactly like Lester was saying the contrary.


> Other than those, you're right, the BDE is a great thing.
> :-)

I can only say that a half of you concerns are due to misuse or
misconfiguration, and that 90% of them have not been issues for me.
Now let's stop this uninteresting and OT discussion, shall we?