Subject RE: [IBO] Trustware vs. OS (was: Re: Open Source Marathon)
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Nando Dessena [mailto:nandod@...]
> Sent: Martes 8 de Mayo de 2001 15:43
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> I have been able to deliver successful (thousands of installations)
> IB/BDE applications without noticeable problems, except perhaps a
> certain performance penalty as the number of clients arises.
> This is just to say that the BDE is not that much of a disgrace when
> dealing with IB.

Of course, the BDE is not a problem; it only:
- cannot deal with multiple concurrent transactions (use another connection
if you want them)
- seems configured to read again all datasets when you commit, without much
luck to customize the behavior
- leaks handles and memory; very visible when your clients have small amount
of RAM
- needs enablebcd and other things to understand IB properly
- is a kludge made of desktop calls plus some stubs for pseudo C/S calls; an
accumulation of patches over years
- "allows" you to reinvent the wheel every time you write a new application
or to build an extensive set of general routines that overcome its
- is faster than an old turtle (that doesn't say too much, of course)
- relies of the "worldwide acclaimed" Pdx format for its internal caching
- converted all SQL to QBE format before it was enhanced at the time of
D2/D3 to change this behavior
- will be ready to deploy (legally) if you have a "very affordable" C/S
Delphi/BCB version, after that you can begin cluttering your clients with 15
MB of stuff (Apollo will do desktop connections for 1/10 of the same space I
- is strictly non-visual middleware engine but it needs that your computer
meets some requirements regarding the video card, LOL
- insists in hiding details of your backend by flattening your view to a
desktop paradigm, making for you unnecessary to understand C/S developments
so you can continue producing your old, rusty style applications forever
- seems more an animal in agony than a product with some future.

Other than those, you're right, the BDE is a great thing.