Subject Re: [IBO] Trustware vs. OS (was: Re: Open Source Marathon)
Author Nando Dessena

> As far as I am concered, if you are using Interbase/Firebird, then the only
> set of tools that are stable and usable in production is IBObjects. Since I
> dumped BDE ( for the second time ) I have had nothing but sucess.

I have been able to deliver successful (thousands of installations)
IB/BDE applications without noticeable problems, except perhaps a
certain performance penalty as the number of clients arises.
Having said that, no doubt I would have produced them faster, more
feature-rich and more stable had I used IBO in the first place (I can
only talk about the current IBO; 3 years and a half ago, when we
started, IBO just wasn't an option, at least for us).
This is just to say that the BDE is not that much of a disgrace when
dealing with IB.